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Raise awareness about plastic pollution — Content creators, volunteer, Deep Blue Cleanup, anywhere in Canada  Jun 29 
Pollinator Garden Volunteers, vol., Frank Street Bee Butterfly Garden, Ottawa Centretown, Ontario  Jun 27 
Youth Climate Action Coaching, coaching & support, Future Majority, virtual, anywhere in Canada  Jun 18 
Collect Data About Pollinators at Garden, vol., Frank Street Bee Butterfly Garden, Ottawa Centre, ON  Jun 6 
Canadian Wilderness Stewardship Program, volunteers, CPAWS/SNAP, New Brunswick / Ottawa / Manitoba / Alberta  Jun 2 
Organic farms & gardens across Canada, vol.+ accom.+ food+ experience, WWOOF Canada  Apr 22 
Electric school bus advocates, vol., For Our Kids, remote, anywhere in Canada  Apr 13 
Communication & engagement advisors, volunteer, GentleWays for OurPlanet, Ottawa, Ontario  Apr 1 
Climate Strikes 2022, Canada & Worldwide, plus links, organizations, resources  Mar 25 
Board members wanted, vol., Local environmental nonprofits, Ottawa & Eastern Ontario  Mar 22 
Women in Environment, Nature, Peace, Climate Action,, — groups, organizations and resources  Mar 9 
Board Members, vol., Green Teams of Canada, anywhere in Canada  Mar 1 
Peace Groups, Organizations,,, Conflict Resolution, Nonviolence, Resources...  Feb 24 
Volunteer Engagement Coordinator, volunteer, Breathe Easy / Sierra Club Canada, Ottawa, Ontario  Feb 2 
Wildlife Rehabilitation Interns, vol. + accom., Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, near Ottawa, Ontario  Jan 26 
Financial Officer/Treasurer, vol./ board, The Learnary, Vancouver/ anywhere in Canada  Jan 26 
Legal Adviser, volunteer, Canadian Conservation Photographers Collective, anywhere in Canada  Jan 24 
Parent/grandparent community builders, volunteers, For Our Kids, anywhere in Canada  Jan 15 
Wildlife conservation organizations, volunteering, training, internships  Jan 1 
Grow food,, — grow your own, jobs, internships, volunteer... anywhere in Canada  Jan 1 
Be the change, right here, right now  Jan 1 
Content Creators / Writers, volunteer, The Importance of Being Green, anywhere in Canada 2021:
 Oct 2 
Indigenous Peoples, First Nations and the Environment,, (organizations, jobs, internships, volunteering, resources)  Sep 30 
Food Rescuers, volunteer, Zero Food Waste Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario  Aug 3 
Share your story  Jul 31 
Ecovillage / Intentional Community Members & Participants, near Ottawa & Wakefield QC  Jun 17 
If You See Something — Say Something, Climate Action, everywhere... 2020:
 Sep 19 
Go for a walk, leave the car at home,,  Sep 15 
Extinction Rebellion Canada, Climate Action, across Canada & Worldwide  Aug 20 
Waking up to the climate crisis, Canada & Worldwide 2019:
 Nov 3 
Canada Election 2019 — vote, participate, volunteer, green jobs,, across Canada  Oct 1 
Plastic pollution — what are we doing to our bodies, our world?  Jun 20 
What can you do about climate change?  Apr 22 
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