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Working with Volunteers
How to Attract, Involve and Retain Volunteers

The person who finds and coordinates volunteers is sometimes a volunteer him/herself, or might be paid staff. In either case, it can be a challenging role. Volunteers tend to come and go more quickly than paid staff – and each has their own goals, skills, schedule, and expectations. But volunteer coordination can also be very satisfying, both in terms of the good work that is accomplished, and the positive experiences volunteers have with your organization. It's important to remember that if someone has a bad experience with your organization, they may never again volunteer – for your group or others.

Working effectively with volunteers can take some skill and practice. Here are some articles and resources that could help...

Volunteer Management Handbook
How to get volunteers to show up? brief article at

Volunteer Recruitment, Relations & Management: articles at & links
Human Resources & Volunteer Management Links provided by the Sustainability Network

Leadership, Teamwork, Group Process, Consensus
Check-ins, Talking Circles, Listening Circles (for volunteers and paid staff alike)

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