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PlanetVolunteer welcomes listings that are...

· Related to one of these themes: environment, conservation, sustainability, nature, stewardship, organics, corporate responsibility, sustainable development or peace. (But if in doubt, go ahead and post it: we will give your posting careful consideration.)
· Located in Canada ...or international opportunities of interest to Canadians.
· Reasonably clear, complete and inspiring!

How to Write an Effective Posting

· Try to answer the basic questions – who, what, when, where, how and why.
· Be clear about what you want, need, and expect of the volunteer.
· What can you offer in return, if anything? Fun? Personal satisfaction? New experiences? Instruction? Social environment? Networking? Food? Transportation? Stipend? Accommodation?

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We can help write an effective listing, for a modest fee. We can also help you improve your success with volunteers and human resources in general – contact us for details.

More information: PlanetVolunteer/GoodWork Q&A | How to Attract, Involve and Retain Volunteers | Tips for Employers | Testimonials

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